Thursday, January 12, 2017


carl bloch

John 5:5-6One man there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. Jesus saw him lying there and realized that he had already been there a long time. He said: Do you want to get well.
I love finding those little surprise statements in scripture, this one; Jesus seeing this man, lying on the ground or floor or whatever by a pool. He realized that this man had already, been there a long time.  
  • had already,
  • been there
  • a long time

Now, that puts a different spin on this tale, because the man himself verifies it, by making an attempt to explain to the Lord why he was "still " down there on the floor, and that's why he has footprints all over him from being literally trampled underfoot. But it's not about why he was still on the floor,Jesus is concerned that he had been there a long enough and it was time for a hand up for this good brother. He didn't make him feel bad, or even ask again like others have done, how long have you been down there? How long has it been since your husband or wife or family have walked away from you, or died? Has the statute of limitations on "having a hard time" passed? I am so glad he didn't ask him if had been to THERAPY. Because having a hard time gives you a special kind of crazy, that only the Lord himself can heal.

Can you imagine, that maybe you were homeless and sleeping in the street. Or worse, you tripped over your shoe,and fell in public, oh the horror!! Because you know, now days people will not help you up in public, worse they may call 911 because you are causing a public nuisance. But as you fell,maybe you hit your head, or worse damaged your pride, and if you keep your eyes closed, maybe people will step over you, kick you while you are down. But you hear a voice, and someone is tapping you, touching your face. The Voice says "Hey Buddy, buddy, are you ok, do you want to be well? Do you want to be made well?

It is well with me, I am a prize fighter, I get knocked down, and even sucker punched by this life, by this world. But Jesus, is in my corner, he is laying down on the mat, right beside me, saying, "Hey buddy, buddy "I love you, be well"


It Is Well:Kristene DiMarco // You Make Me Brave

Today is Thursday sing along, and there is also a bonus you tube. Love all of you  

Francesca Battistelli - This Is The Stuff (Live Fan Video)
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