Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Every morning as I drive to work, I have a routine, but it is not a routine but a habit. I love to listen to the gospel and inspirational radio stations for music and sometimes for sermons or talks. I also have some really great music plugged into my music box. I believe that doing this keeps me from having a bad driving day, or worse, road rage. 

So I have been listening to music from Hill Song Church. This is a church in Australia, that have church's in New York, and other parts of the world. They have a wonderful Music Ministry, and their style is to write original worship songs or re-arrange some standards and sing them in an acoustic format or with an accompanying band with soloists. The congregation is really participant in every song. Their affiliation seems to be Church of God or Pentecostal. There is a wonderful spirit accompanying their music, I love it.

So the title of the CD is "YAHWEH", and it seems to be a personal testimony the Savior to each of the singers. Here is one of my favorites "Savior King".    

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