Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Music on a Thursday


Has anyone out there heard of these guys? They popped up on my You-Tube account, most serendipitous, because I love good music, and sometimes I love a little rock and roll, it's good for the soul.  

So the Newsboys are a Christian pop-rock band that started in Moolooaba, Australia. They have been around since 1985 and recently they have a new lead singer and a different groove, but the same focus and in their words, "that focus is Jesus, and spreading his message through song." See, I thought that maybe Alex Boye' has or is working with this group. They have a lot in common.

So check out this new to me "GOD IS NOT DEAD" by the Newsboys

What I love about this song and the video is the message that we are beacons of light, that our testimony is the light bulb. There is so much "talk" about the big bang; string theories; nothing from nothing, something from nothing; and everything seems to want to marginalize the greatness of God and his Son Jesus Christ. I love the audacity of the message of this video, to stand on your testimony of the Savior at all times, even if its not popular, or even if you think you are the only one. You are not.    

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