Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So, last night or maybe this morning I woke up from a dream. This was not an ordinary dream and I feel that it was an answer or maybe a confirmation to a question I asked. I ask a lot of questions, most in my heart because I know that God is listening to my heart.
So the dream was this: I was in a house with a large but manageable group of people. (Crowds of people can be tricky). And there was a guest of honor, Jesus the Savior. He was there because I was there and I believe that I asked him to come. I wanted to talk to him. So he was there and the large but manageable crowd of people  also wanted to talk to him too, so being the good hostess, I let everyone go first. I came to a point in my dream that it was time to talk to Jesus, but his "disciples" (some other men came with him) told me that he had gone to another home next door, when I was ready to see him, I was to send word. 

What did Jesus look like in my dream was a question I later asked myself. The only reference I have is the actor who portrays him in the LDS Bible Videos. I was surprised that he appeared short, but then I only saw his profile, but I felt his presence, and it felt like a warm hug, a feeling of familiarity, like we were close, and I didn't hear his voice with my ears in the dream, I did feel his presence. 

So what was the word? I asked the men who came with him and they said that I would know. So just like in my waking state, I was running out of time, and I was told that the Savior would be leaving soon,but he would wait for me to send word. What was the word? The crowd of people turned into people I have seen in random places, some on the bus and metro; and they were walking around as if lost, and most were expressing disappointment at not having an opportunity to meet with the Savior, some even expressed not really believing in the Savior. So in my dream I tried to cheer them up and I searched and searched for my scriptures and when I found them, they wouldn't open. But a word of scripture came to me, it was :      

Matthew 18:2020 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
So I repeated that verse to the group and they immediately understood it, and I felt the Holy Spirit bear witness to these people of the Savior. That was the word and I sent that word out but the Savior had left, but he told me not to worry about it because he would be with me always.
So as with all dreams the alarm clock brought it to a screeching halt, and I woke up like I was coming up for air, like rising out of a swimming pool.

So I pondered over this, and I felt a keen sense of longing for the Savior, wanting to talk to Him and have him answer my "soul's complaint". 

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir; featuring Alex Boye'
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

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