Friday, October 2, 2009


'A woman must have money and a room of her own ............' Virginia Wolfe

This is Oprah's office before she had it redecorated. I don't know why she saw the need.
I have lived in my home for 10 years now, and I have collected beautiful things, quirky things, and pictures and stuff. I have a spare bedroom that is designated as an office/craft room. Right now I call it the Craft less room.
I have been trying to claim and reclaim this room for 10 years. My mother lived with us briefly and when she moved she left a lot of her stuff, so it was packed into the craft(less) room. I had to get rid of my stuff to put it in there. I remember the clearing out process, it took 2-3 years literally to clear out everything, another year to convince my husband to paint it and put new carpet in it. It took another year to ever put some type of furniture in it. So far I have a book shelf, a long craft table; a file case, a canvas wardrobe for my overflow of coats. There is a working closet but it is packed.
I want to have Oprah's before office, even the hanging clothing.
My goal this weekend is to reclaim my office space.I have so many projects in my head. I want to start a sewing project. I have some scrap book ideas. I have to release myself from the paralyzing spell of clutter, and what if.

PS. DEC  8 2009
I have started the excavation of my "craftless room". I have had several starts and stops over this year, but each time I do accomplish something. I seem to manage to organize more stuff from the floor. Last night I managed to clean the craft table and put most of the paper and magazines away. I sometimes have a hard time tossing magazines. There is so much info in there, and most of the time I haven't read the entire thing. I tried pullin out articles but then they piled up also. I think I just need to read it and move on. Toss in the recycle bin.
I am also reconsidering my book collection as it were. I noticed that over the years I have amassed a large selection of various craft and decor books. I have thinned them out. I can tell what my hopes and dreams were just by the books I bought. Strange, I didn' t have many fiction or non fiction books. Although my most prized collection are some out of print books by Nick Bantock. I have always wanted to be an artist, but I have been so disorganized, I just lived vicariously through other people. My goal is to pick up every thing off the floor that doesn't belong there. It means that will have to make a decison on how the furniture is to be arranged and then hang pictures. After that I will start to go through (hopefully for the last time) my many storage boxes and pick out 3 crafts with their accompanying books and supplies. I think that I will stick to sewing;scrapbooking and photography. I have a small collection of dolls that are lovely, and I will have to make a decison on buying a display cabinet for them. 
Wish me Luck                   
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