Friday, December 2, 2011



“Doing what I feel like” versus “how can I do that when I have been given so much”? Redhead hostess


Thank you is another word for I love you

1. I am thankful for Agency; that I used to choose the Right

2. Baptism

3. The Holy Spirit, which was received by me as the best gift;

4. The Savior

5. His Atoning Sacrifice, which mere thanks cannot begin to express my gratitude

6. A new heart, that continues to experience the “Mighty Change”

7. The countless pairs of Missionaries who knocked at my door for a year, who again knocked for another year.

8. My wonderful friend Sister Jenny P

9. Our very first Home Teacher, who taught us about the love of God.

10. The Priesthood and a very special Priesthood blessing that saved my husband’s life

11. My husband and eternal partner

12. Our first Gospel and Principles Teacher

13. Bishop Dan Anderton, bishop of our ward (A remarkable person, patient, kind and fair)

14. My first Visiting Teachers, who showed love and generosity to me

15. The Temple; a truly awesome and holy place

16. The Sealing Ordinance

17. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and my once in a life time opportunity to see & hear them in concert this year.

18. The Prophet, specifically Gordon B. Hinckley who helped me to “believe” that God calls prophets in this modern day and time.

19. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

20. The callings I have been entrusted with, and I hope that I didn’t lead anyone astray

21. Every single day

22. Our house, which was a gift from God, which literally dropped out of the sky.

23. Freedom from chronic migraines

24. Dr Jennifer Beitler, a wonderful, kind Dentist who believes in “pain free” as much as possible.

25. Dr Amir, the best periodontist (root canal man)

26. My cardiologist, who believes in saving the whole patient,

27. The Book of Mormon

28. My mom, Mae who taught me a lot things, that I am just beginning to tap in to

29. My dad James, who was one cool guy.

30. My stepmother, River, who is so generous with her time and love for me and my brother.

31. My present job, which I found during a 2 day suspension from a previous job.(It fell out of the sky)

32. Opportunities for “Do over’s”, when needed.

33. My good friend K. Miller, who is Thelma to my Louise

34. Cowboy target shooting, dressing up like cowboys and spending fun time with my husband.

35. The Prophet Joseph Smith

36. Dr Martin Luther King

37. President John F Kennedy

38. “Sofft” brand shoes, which carry really beautiful and comfortable shoes in my size

39. My first official job in the US Navy, where I got to travel and do things that I would have probably not have had the opportunity do.

40. Oprah; (No matter what you think of her, the Lord works through her and countless people have benefited from her generosity)

41. The 3 pair of jeans that finally fit, and I will probably wear them to shreds

42. The New York Times on Sunday morning before church

43. Breakfast (Truly my favorite meal of the day, I sometimes eat for dinner)

44. The History Channel on TLC, I have learned a lot about our world (ancient & modern)

45. My dog Max, who makes my husband happy

46. My blog friends

47. The man who has repaired our air conditioning and heating unit; he makes house calls and he is reasonable.

48. Any opportunity to speak the gospel of Jesus Christ

49. To be born, and living at this time.

50. All of my friends and family, past and present, and hopefully many more to come.

51. My temple recommend
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