Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok, if you have opened your email and reading this and wondering, what is this? Don’t touch that delete button and

You are cordially invited to the Re-launch of my 2nd blog, "THE JOURNAL OF LOST THINGS"!!!!

I have been procrastinating, actually trying to talk myself into relaunching my 2nd blog. I found some good advice on the Oprah Winfrey Network. (She should know because she had just started a whole new THANG for herself)  
  1. When Grand Plans linger in the daydream stage, there's always a risk that they'll die there. Going on the record is one way to keep them alive.
  2. Whatever your goal you can draw enthusiasm and ideas from like-minded dreamers.
  3. You might think that projecting certainty will get your loved ones to buy into your goal, but often it's being honest and vulnerable about the stakes that can really activate your support system
  4. If help isn't forthcoming ask yourself: 'Is there another way to make this happen?
If you have visited my profile, you have probably seen this little 2nd blog sitting there wanting to entertain you but not being able to.I realized that this little blog has a lot of potential and a lot to say. Previously she was a little frustrated as to how to begin, so she began in the middle, which is not a good way to start. A favorite Helen Keller quote (sic Robert Frost) is “The best way out is through…”

So, I am inviting you to a BLOG PARTY. I would like invite some of my fellow bloggers and readers to “guest blog” and post concerning finding those lost things.I have found that to lose, or become lost can be a physical, mental and spiritual state. But the opposite and triumphant result of lost is found.

So I am sending out this one time invite per your email. Click on to the link and scroll down the blog, there is a space that invites you to follow by email. If this is something that you would like to do. please sign in. I promise not to reveal your email address to anyone, unless you say so. Or if you would like to follow me the old fashioned way, please sign up.

I am so happy that you have chosen my blog ‘THE 72HOUR RULE”, and this blog “The Journal of Lost Things” promises to be just as much fun, even more irreverent, and more interactive with you my blogging friends and readers.
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