Friday, May 5, 2017

FIX IT FRIDAY: unstuck

Image result for you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. - Christopher Robin to Pooh

Have you ever wondered how “Pooh bear” got his head wedged in that honey pot? I mean, when I was a kid, my brother and I loved all of the “Winnie the Pooh” adventures; kids don’t know what they’re missing these days. Secretly I wished that  Christopher Robin as my brother. He was so cool and wise beyond his ears. One reason why “Pooh” was always getting his head stuck, was that he was a greedy little “honey” bear. He would eat and eat and then try to waddle off and climb thru the Bunny’s small door, or he would get stuck in a beehive tree, or worse he would just stick his too big head into the opening of a “too small” jar. But here is the annoying thing about Pooh, he never really learned from those episodes of “stuckness”. He forgot as soon as another honey pot came into play. He didn’t have a “plan”, to either avoid getting stuck, or how to get unstuck.  

It occurred to me that getting stuck is like a record skipping at the same place, a loop if you will. I have been stuck for a minute, and I totally ignored it. I seemed to just let it pass as if trying to get unstuck and moving forward was not very important. But it wasn’t until I found myself with one foot wedged in the past and surprisingly my other foot stuck in the present. It’s been a pretty painful situation and it has come to a head, I had to shoot up a flare for help from my Heavenly Father. Jesus is on it, right away. I realize as I am trying to unstuck myself, that this situation sometimes comes about because of pride, of laziness, and of “Holding on to the safe place of the past, It doesn’t fit anymore and like old clothes, it needs to be passed down, there is a pressing need for us to let go.” I am letting go of the past and asking for help. Stronger is just around the corner…. I have been walking on water, sort of like Peter, but this is not a miraculous thing, it is more like Nephi, being led by the spirit not knowing where I am going. But I do know, and that place is like a beacon shining before me, and I am almost there.

The best place that we can live, is in the love of the Father and his son Jesus Christ. I feel that love, I am that love      

U2 Bono & The Edge Perform 'Stuck In a Moment' on David Letterman

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